How to Use a Roulette Strategy

Because roulette is primarily a game of luck, it is generally up to the player to determine the amount of risk he or she is willing to take in order to get a reward. In a mathematical sense, the game is incredibly easy to understand; the more numbers on which a player bets, the greater the chances he or she will win, and the lesser the chances he or she will lose. Before developing and implementing any sort of roulette strategy, players should first understand that there are bets that pay out one to one, or even money, as well as bets that pay out as much as 30 to one.

One of the most basic strategies that is commonly used in European roulette involves placing two even-money bets. The benefit to betting like this is that the player will break even a lot of the time. For instance, if the player bets $1 on black and $1 on odd, then there are three possible outcomes: win $2, break even, or lose $2. However, the downside to such a bet is that the player won't win as often.

Another tiered strategy that is a bit more advanced involves placing one $5 even money bet and another $10 bet on something such as 13-24. With this, the player could win $25, win $15, lose $5 or lose $15--a wider range of possibilities. With this roulette strategy, it is apparent that players will lose more often than they will win. However, the idea here is that the player will win a higher payout and thereby increase his or her bankroll more quickly. This is the perfect strategy for the player with a limited bankroll.

Regardless of the exact strategy, the entire idea is to choose two or three different bets and wager different amounts on them on each spin of the wheel. However, players should remember never to place the same kinds of bets or it would defeat the purpose. Players may choose to place an even money bet, a bet on 13-24 and perhaps another bet on just two numbers.

One thing that players should avoid, however, is placing bets on the same thing. For instance, if a player places two even money bets on black and red, he or she only has two options--break even or lose money in the event that the ball lands on the zero pocket. This should be avoided, and it is important for players to remember that this applies to all of the various bets.

Again, roulette is a game of pure luck, but players do have the ability to use the odds in their favor. The types of bets that are placed as well as the ways in which they are placed can have a huge impact on the overall outcome. Of course, with any sort of strategy, the goal should be to protect the bankroll and play longer--not win more money overall.