Live Dealers... In The Comfort Of Your Own Home

Because technology is always improving and people want to enjoy a gambling experience that is as true to life as possible, many online casinos are providing their patrons with live dealers in various games. Live roulette is a great way for people who enjoy this casino classic to play the game in the most realistic way possible. Of course, these games cannot completely reproduce the casino experience in a player's home, but they do come very close and provide an excellent new way to enjoy online gambling.

Reasons to Choose a Live Dealer

The number one reason why people often choose to play live roulette over traditional online options has to do with the fact that they can actually see the wheel that is being used for play. Please keep in mind that this is in no way meant to suggest that the online games are unfair in any way. It is merely the fact that the player can see a real wheel and ball that keeps them excited about live dealer roulette games. The actual dealers also add a personal aspect to the game that makes players feel as if they are more important, and this is something that a traditional online game simply cannot do. When it comes down to it, though, this choice is one of personal preference.

How the Games Work

These games look a lot like traditional online offerings, but within the play window there is another small window that through which a feed of a croupier, which is the term for a roulette 'dealer', and an actual wheel is shown. The croupier will set the wheel in motion in one-minute intervals. This means that, unlike traditional casinos, the croupier will not wait for any player to place his or her bets. The wheel will simply be spun according to the schedule. There is usually also the option to provide tips to the croupier, and players can expect a 'Thank You' in the chat box if they choose to do so. However, there is never any requirement to provide these tips and whether or not a player chooses to tip the croupier has absolutely no effect on the outcome of his or her game.

Downfalls of Actual Dealers

While the real dealer certainly provides a realistic experience that cannot be duplicated in any other way online, there are a few downfalls of which players should be aware. Firstly, because the casino must pay the croupier to be present in the live feed, live roulette is typically not available in a free variation. This means that players who want the dealer experience will need to wager real money. Second, players who have older computers or slower internet speeds may not be able to view the feed as intended, making things frustrating. Finally, some players who are used to playing this casino classic have found that the real version is a little distracting since there are many players chatting with each other and the dealer at once.