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Lucky Nugget Casino
  • Casino Brand:Lucky Nugget Casino
  • Bonus Amount:1000$
  • Signup Bonus:100%
  • Software:Microgaming
  • Live Roulette Dealers:NO

All of the Most Popular Styles with Lucky Nugget Roulette

Roulette, also known as the Little Wheel, comes in many different variations to keep things exciting. Of course, each variation has its own set of odds, and this means that some are certainly better than others. Lucky Nugget roulette comes in all kinds of styles and offers up all of the things that professionals enjoy the most, especially players from Canada. Royale, the Gold Series and even multi-wheel options keep things exciting.


This is based off of the French wheel which has only one zero pocket and an odd placement of numbers throughout. It offers up a progressive jackpot - the only of its kind - that is only triggered whenever the same number spins up five times in a row. Though it sounds unlikely, it is still possible as many people out there who have won it can attest. Consolation prizes, which are essentially smaller jackpots, are awarded when three numbers come up in a row.

Gold Series

Gold Series Lucky Nugget roulette by Microgaming isn't just one game; it's actually a collection of several that contain beautiful 3D graphics that provide a completely immersive experience. There are four different options here including European, French, American and Mini. European and French offer the best odds, American comes in second, and Mini takes last place since there are only 12 numbered pockets to compensate for the green zero.


Finally, the multi-wheel options allow you to spin up to eight wheels at the same time which provides you with up to eight different chances to win! There is still a significant house edge, but sticking to even money bets like red or black, even or odd and high or low can negate this somewhat. It is possible to win or lose up to eight times per wager, and this adds some excitement to those who enjoy the game but feel burned out. With all of these great choices, who could possibly get bored?