Best Way to Learn the Mini Roulette Rules

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Mini roulette is a game in which players can enjoy all of the same excitement as its full counterpart without all of the confusion regarding bets. It is available from various software developers and provides everyone with an opportunity to play for free or for real cash. Players will also find that while some websites require them to download the software, others make it available via Flash or Java.

Similarities and Differences

When it comes to Mini Roulette basics, it is important to understand the similarities and differences between this product and its full-sized counterpart. It is still played using a wheel, but rather than the traditional 37 to 38 pockets (depending upon the variant) there are only 13 - 12 numbered pockets and a zero pocket. The betting structure is also reduced which makes this version a great introduction to the classic game.

Worse Player Odds

One of the things that most new players report about this option is that the reduced number of pockets and betting options makes it feel more manageable. However, this comes at a cost since the house edge is increased significantly. This is because the fewer numbers makes it more likely that the ball will land in the zero pocket on any given spin. The even money bets are still the same, though, with red or black, even or odd, and high or low numbers paying out exactly what the player wagered.

Wager Amounts

In Playtech's free version of the game, players can choose from several different wager amounts per spin. These vary from $1 to $400 depending upon the bet that is placed. As an example, players can wager up to $400 on even money bets while they can only spend a maximum of $20 on a straight bet, which is a term used for a wager placed upon a single number.

Game Example

A great place for learning Mini Roulette rules is Bet365 casino. Here, players who choose to enjoy a real money game can receive a bonus of up to $200 with a 100% deposit match if they are new to the website. Free play is also available, though. Here, it is possible to wager anywhere from $1 to $200 per spin so this isn't as high as what is offered by Playtech's free option.


All in all, it is always best to learn the Mini Roulette rules in a free setting to avoid throwing away money, and Playtech's free version is highly recommended. However, those who want to graduate to paid games and the chance to win big will enjoy everything that Bet365 has to offer.