Learn To Curb The House Edge in Roulette

Canadian gamblers who really want to win money with this casino classic will need to understand how the roulette house edge works and what it means for their bankrolls. After all, overcoming these odds is truly the only way to win. However, since this is a game that is based primarily on luck, is it really possible to do so? The answer is maybe, but players have to remember to stick to a few simple guidelines.

Three Different Options

When choosing which variant to enjoy, it is necessary to remember that there are actually three from which to choose and each one has its own set of odds. Though the differences between the European and French wheels are negligible, the addition of a few additional rules to the French version actually helps make this one the best choice. Of course, the European version is the one found most commonly, so it is often the best choice. Finally, the American version should be avoided due to the additional zero pocket that almost doubles the roulette house edge. Whether you're new to the game or on the road to becoming a seasoned player, www.rivercasino.ca is a good option to try any of these variants. Not only does the site offer links to real money games, but there are free versions to practice on as well.

What is the House Edge, Anyway?

In any casino game, there is always going to be an 'edge', or a higher chance that the casino is going to walk away with some of the money you spend. In a nutshell, it is nothing more than the amount the venue collects from you when you wager and the amount you receive from the venue should you win. So, if an individual places a $10 bet on something that has a two-to-one chance of occurring, then there is a 50% chance that he or she is going to lose. This constitutes the odds and it's something that everyone should pay close attention to.

Applied to Roulette

When it comes to roulette house edge, it's actually quite simple to understand. Using the European wheel as an example, there are 37 numbers total. Thus, the odds of a single number bet actually winning are small at one in 36. A winning wager, however, will pay out 36 to one. To calculate the actual edge, you'd subtract the house's odds from the odds against winning and then multiply that by the probability of winning. Therefore, 36/1 - 36/1 x 1/37 would be the equation.

Solving the Equation

The next step here is to actually solve the equation. So, 36/1 - 36/1 is 1, and 1 x 1/37 is still just 1/37 which is the equivalent of 2.7%, or the average odds of winning with a European variant. The same can be applied to the American variant, too! It all boils down to the odds against winning, the casino's odds, and the player's odds all being factored together simultaneously.

Is There a Strategy

The truth is that this is always going to be based almost solely on luck so there aren't many strategies that can be applied. However, choosing the European variation and sticking to the even money bets is the best way to manage the bankroll and improve the chances that players will overcome the roulette house edge.